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Brynn is a Vancouver based Actor, Comedian, Writer and Producer.  She is one half of the Comedy duo Girl on Girl Humor and the Co-Creator/Writer of Vancouver based series, 'Girls vs.The City'.  Raised on comedy classics and born with an insatiable love of performing, she has spent the majority of her life on stages (and in many living rooms) trying to make the people around her laugh, and then being politely asked to stop talking over everyone. 

A native of the North Shore (or as she lovingly refers to it - a rich, old white person's theme park), she attended a local University Theatre Program, where she met the comedy love-of-her-life, Brianna Wiens.  Together, they have been (at the very least) making each other laugh for almost a decade, and sharing their spark with the world.  

 A lover of all things funny (thanks in very large part to her wonderfully funny parents), she has a passion for writing and creating strong roles for Women in Comedy - so that the world can laugh at them, in addition to judging whether or not they're 'f*ckable'. 



Brianna is an actor, producer, writer, and director originally from Vancouver Island. She has spent many years in Vancouver trying to get people to come to plays in small smelly buildings and acting for friends when they needed someone who was “ethnically ambiguous”.

She has a degree in make believe, but no one is sure if it's even real. Brianna has also spent many years in the school of having to pay bills on time and then saving up money to go travel to places with no air conditioning.

She is a big fan of funny women and so she tries to be one too. Brianna is continuously inspired by her comedy wife Brynn, and generally feels the most excited about life when she is brainstorming funny, stupid scenarios with her and then making people film them.

Brianna is also excited about life when gardening, touching trees and eating black licorice. She now lives on Vancouver Island where she can do all of those things